Owner of Dick’s Drive-In says raising prices would “have to be our first response” and benefits would "have to be on the table"... then does not raise prices or cut benefits

The owner of local burger chain Dick’s Drive-In, the granddaughter of the founder, argued that a $15 wage would have serious consequences for workers and customers.

What they said

  • 3/5/2014: "Jasmine Donovan, granddaughter of the founder of Seattle-based Dick’s Drive-In restaurants, said that if the minimum wage were raised to $15, the company’s labor costs would increase $1.5 million. “Raising prices would have to be our first response,” she said, adding, “Sadly, some of our benefits would have to be on the table, including 100 percent employer-paid health insurance for those working more than 24 hours a week.”
  • 6/4/2014: ”Seattle wanted a higher minimum wage and hopefully our customers will be willing to pay for it in higher prices," Donovan said.

What happened

In April 2015, as the first minimum wage increase took effect, Dick’s said it won’t raise prices after all and can absorb the cost. They continue to offer scholarships and provide health & dental benefits as they have done for some time.