Working Washington is the voice for workers in our state. From the fight for $15 and secure scheduling to paid family leave and the gig economy, we organize to raise wages, improve working conditions, and change the conversation about wealth, inequality and the value of work. With one breakthrough victory after another, we’re changing the balance of power for workers here in Washington.

You can be a part of it: by making a contribution of $10/month or more, you become a card-carrying member of Working Washington with the strength of eighty thousand fellow workers backing you up. And your membership card isn’t another something to jam into your wallet — it includes critical info on your 6 basic rights at work, and a number you can text if something’s up. (We can send it in the mail or keep it digital — that's up to you.)

But wait, there's more! :) By signing up as a member of Working Washington today you also get access to:

Every Working Washington member can attend a special Know Your Rights training where you can find out what you need to know about your rights at work, how to stand up for them, and how we can work together to win new breakthroughs for workers in our state. Get five people together and we’ll even do a training just for you.


If you have an issue on the job, we’ll back you up and help you get it resolved — whether that means a letter from us, a conversation with your co-workers, advice on getting in touch with the city or state, or even help getting access to basic legal advice.


Once you sign up, you can ask us to send a letter to your boss making sure they know that someone who works for them is a member of Working Washington, with the strength of eighty thousand other workers backing them up. That should help remind them to respect your rights and treat everyone with dignity. And we can even keep it all anonymous if you prefer.


Fancy lobby groups for multi-billion-dollar corporations spend big bucks every year trying to elect politicians who promise to give out giant tax breaks, roll back workers’ rights, and cater to every desire of the top 1%. Together with thousands of other workers across the state, you give us the power we need to fight back and elect candidates who will work for workers, not billionaires — and then hold them accountable to do just that.


Do you already have a good job where you’re treated with respect? That’s great — and you can be a part of Working Washington too! Your membership contribution and your voice help power our work to make sure every worker has a good job and a living wage — because that should be a basic right in every workplace, not a special privilege for a lucky few.

Got a job? Then we got your back.

Join Working Washington today for more power on the job, more rights at work, and more strength to win change where it matters most.