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Your 6 basic rights at work in Washington

  1. Minimum wage: $12.00/hour, higher in Seattle, Tacoma & some jobs in SeaTac.

  2. Paid sick time: 1 hour accrued per 40 hrs of work.

  3. Breaks, overtime & schedule: 10 min paid rest break per 4 hours, and 30 min meal break for shifts over 5 hours. Overtime at time-and-a-half after 40 hours. Secure scheduling at large food, retail & coffee chains in Seattle, including 2 weeks' notice of schedule, predictability pay for changes, and no mandatory "clopens."

  4. Freedom from harassment & discrimination: No unfair or hostile treatment based on race, gender, or other protected class. Immigrant workers have same rights as all workers, regardless of status.

  5. Safe & healthy workplace: The employer must keep your workplace free of recognized hazards that are likely to cause serious injury.

  6. Organize: You have the right to join w/ co-workers to improve wages & working conditions. No retaliation for standing up for your rights.