Next TUESDAY: Workers declare “It’s our time,” demand action on living wages and workers rights from City Hall to the State Capitol and beyond

Live-streaming over the internet all day long...

It’s time for every elected official to move worker issues to the top of the political agenda

Next Tuesday, workers rise up across the state to say: “It’s our time” — and we’ll be livestreaming it all day long on our website, It’ll be like a mashup of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Occupy Wall Street  — so hope you upgraded your data plan, because you’re not going to want to turn it off.

Across the state, workers will be rising up to say that no matter which candidates won which election, all of them need to move worker issues to the top of the agenda at every level of government, from city halls to the state capitol & beyond. Every worker needs a living wage, paid sick days, access to hours, and rights on the job. It’s our time — and it’s time for the politicians and corporations to deliver.


Who: Fast food workers, nursing home workers, coffee workers, airport workers, homecare workers, and other underpaid workers in communities across Washington State.

What: Rally, march, and more to demand that every elected official out there has workers’ issues on the top of their agenda for the year ahead.

When & Where: Throughout the day in multiple cities across the state, streamed online at More details of specific times and locations will be released in the days ahead.

Workers are rising up because after years of record profits, it’s our time to force corporations to provide good jobs & living wages. After years of ignoring what workers need, it’s our time to insist politicians respond to our issues. And after years of growing inequality, it's our time to win living wages and thriving communities across Washington.

More Information

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than 1 million people — 38% of all the workers in our state — are paid less than $15/hour.

Underpaid workers have the power and the numbers to change our political system. A recent national poll of workers paid less than $15/hr showed that

  • 69% of unregistered voters would register to vote if there was a candidate who supported $15.
  • 65% of registered voters paid less than $15/hr would be more likely to vote if there was a candidate who supported $15.
  • Across the country, it adds up to 48 million potential voters who could turn out if there were candidates who backed higher pay and union rights.


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