TODAY: Day of strikes for $15 kicks off 6 am in Bellevue, spreads to Aberdeen, Kent, Olympia, beyond

Strikes & demonstrations for $15 spread in Washington and across the country

Times & locations of events today as fast food workers strike for $15 and the right to organize, joined in support by airport workers, homecare workers, and other low-wage workers

Because we can't live on $9 & change. Because our economy needs a boost. Because we're fighting for our future. Because our community needs good jobs. Because we are people, too.

Those are just a few of the reasons why TODAY, Thursday, December 4th, thousands of fast food workers in 150+ cities will strike for $15 and the right to organize — including here in our state, where workers will strike and rally for $15 in BellevueKentAberdeen, and Olympia. Airport workers, homecare workers, and other poverty wage workers will be joining in support, adding their voices as the fight for $15 builds still more momentum.

List of strikes & demonstrations for $15, 
culminating with 4pm strike support rally at the State Capitol to raise pay and raise up Washington’s economy.

TODAY, Thursday, December 4, 2014, events all day:
6:00am - Bellevue: 1900 148th Ave NE (Jack-in-the-Box)
11:00am - Aberdeen: 909 E Wishkah St (McDonald's) 
12:00pm - Kent: 10715 SE 240th, Kent (McDonald's/Chevron)
1:30pm - State House: Labor Committee hearing on minimum wage, Hearing Room D, John L O'Brien Building
4:00pm - Capitol Building: Rally begins (gather at 3:30). Speakers will include striking fast food workers, airport worker, and homecare worker, all united in the call for $15/hour and the right to organize.
5:00pm - Olympia (Capitol Mall): 2400 Capitol Mall Dr SW (Olive Garden)

Note: Follow all the latest details at #strikepoverty, and

"Why not us too?"

Anna Anderson, who struggles to support her son and disabled husband with her income from the Aberdeen Jack-in-the-Box, explains why she's supporting the strike in a compelling statement: "Why not us too?"

"I live in Aberdeen, WA and I am 21 years old and recently gave up on my college education to work so I could support my son and disabled husband. With a 4.0 GPA I thought nothing could stop me from achieving my goals and living my dreams, but as money got tight I found myself having to choose between books for my classes and paying rent. But dropping out of school hasn’t stopped me from having to make choices like that in the least bit." 

Read the rest of Anna's statement at

No matter where you work or where you live in our state, you can't support yourself when you're working for nine dollars and change. And you can’t grow an economy on poverty wages, either.

That's why the movement to strike poverty is spreading well beyond SeaTac and Seattle — and it's why the crisis of poverty-wage jobs just might become one of the key issues in state politics next year. 


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Working Washington unites working people to fight for a fair economy where everyone can support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy. We launched the fast food strikes that sparked the fight for $15 in Seattle; we helped lead the successful campaign to pass $15 in SeaTac; and we work in coalition with unions, faith groups, and grassroots organizations to hold corporations & politicians accountable to community needs. For more information, including our press kit, visit