Yes, fast food workers will go on strike Thursday here in Washington too

Fast food workers in our state and 150 cities across the nation to strike for $15 Thursday, December 4th

Washington workers to join national strikes, converge for rally at the State Capitol

On Thursday, the fight for $15 in our state spreads well beyond SeaTac & Seattle. Washington fast food workers have voted to join workers in more than 150 cities and dozens of states across the country by taking part in a national strike this Thursday, calling on the companies they work for to pay $15/hour and respect their right to organize.

At the end of the day, workers and supporters will converge in Olympia for a strike support rally at the State Capitol building, where they will be joined by homecare workers, airport workers, and and even state legislators. (Note that members of the State House will be in Olympia on Thursday for committee days, including a hearing on minimum wage in the Labor & Workforce Development committee.) Specific details of strikelines will be announced later in the week.

Who: Fast food workers in Washington State (and across the country).

What: Go out on strike for $15 and the right to organize, and then converge at the State Capitol with homecare workers, airport worker, and other poverty-wage workers for a strike support rally.

When: Thursday, December 4, 2014. Workers will gather at the Capitol for a strike support rally beginning at 3:30. Program scheduled to start at 4:00 pm. Strikeline times & locations will be announced later in the week. 

Where: State Capitol Building, Olympia

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