County prosecutor asked to investigate corrupt signature gathering by Forward Seattle in violation of State law

A formal request for investigation has been sent to County Prosector Dan Satterberg alleging that Forward Seattle has violated state law governing corrupt practices on referendum petitions. The letter points to violations of RCW 29A.84.250, the state law governing signature gathering, and cites numerous reports of Forward Seattle signature gatherers interfering with voters rights through "corrupt means of practices" in order to obtain signatures by lying to the public. The letter specifically points to and enumerates:

numerous reports from members of the public that Forward Seattle’s signature gatherers have interfered with the right of voters by various “corrupt means or practices,” such as by lying to members of the public regarding the nature and substance of their referendum petition in order to procure signatures.

Members of the public who have direct experience of these corrupt practices are available to comment — contact Sage Wilson at to arrange an interview. The complete letter is available here.

Working Washington supporters will reach out to customers today to spread the word about this latest outrage by Forward Seattle's fringe effort to repeal our minimum wage. 

Who: Supporters of the $15 minimum wage law passed unanimously by City Council and signed into law by the mayor

What: Reach out to potential customers of businesses driving the misleading effort to repeal Seattle's minimum wage law with a Consumer Alert, asking them to consider the fact that these businesses are actively supporting a misleading effort to repeal the minimum wage before choosing to spend their money there.

When & Where:  TODAY, Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10:45 am in South Lake Union: Dollar Rent-a-car, 1900 Boren Ave, Seattle, WA 98101. The owner of Dollar Rent-a-Car has given $3,000 to the campaign to repeal the minimum wage. She also has given large contributions to Mitt Romney, John Boehner, the McCalin-Palin ticket, and other extreme conservative causes.

11:00 am in Fremont: Flying Apron Bakery, 3510 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. The owner of Flying Apron is the chair of the campaign to repeal the minimum wage.

12:00 pm in Capitol Hill: Liberty Bar & Restaurant, 517 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112. The owner of Liberty was an early contributor to the campaign to repeal the minimum wage, and has been an outspoken opponent of Seattle's law.


Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington:

Working Washington unites low-wage workers to fight for a fair economy where everyone can support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy. We launched the fast food strikes that sparked the fight for $15 in Seattle; we helped lead the successful campaign to pass $15 in SeaTac; and we work in coalition with unions, faith groups, and grassroots organizations to hold corporations & politicians accountable to community needs.