Fast food workers call on Seattle to "Boycott McPoverty" on February 20th

Citywide big burger boycott will be next step forward for $15 movement

Calling on the public to "Boycott McPoverty" to support $15 for Seattle, fast food workers today announced plans for a citywide boycott of the big burger chains on February 20th. The big three chains (McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King) have a combined 25 locations within Seattle city limits.

The big corporate fast food chains bank billions of dollars a year while paying workers less than it takes to survive. Their McPoverty business model shifts costs to the public, puts downward pressure on wages, and suppresses consumer demand: you can't contribute much to the economy on a minimum wage paycheck.

"Because I make minimum wage I cannot afford daycare, healthcare, or my own place for me & my daughter," explained Brittany Phelps, who works at McDonald's in Seattle, where she's paid $9.32/hour. "Instead I live with 7 other people in a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment. I'm fighting for a $15 minimum wage so I can afford the basic necessities of life."

There's no question that McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's can afford to lead by example with a $15 minimum wage -- McDonald's alone banked $5.6 billion in profit last year. While the corporate brands make much of the profit and effectively control many store operations, the franchised stores in these chains are also typically owned by large corporations, each of which control dozens or even hundreds of locations.

By joining fast food workers to Boycott McPoverty on February 20th, the people of Seattle will show strong support for a $15 minimum wage that builds broad-based prosperity from the middle out.

Early supporters of the call to Boycott McPoverty February 20th include Working Washington, Fifteen Now, SEIU 775NW & 1199 NW, Teamsters 117, and Washington CAN.


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