Tell City Council it's time to move forward on drivers' rights!

Seattle City Council is debating innovative legislation that would give Uber and Lyft drivers the right to organize and negotiate with the billion-dollar companies they work for. This Friday, October 2, is a committee meeting where council members have the opportunity to vote for drivers’ rights.

We need your help to tell city council it’s time to move forward. It doesn’t take long—in fact, we’ve made it even easier than usual: Answer a few questions to build-your-own message to council, and we’ll pass it along to them before the meeting.

When workers can bargain over their safety, wages, and working conditions, we all enjoy the benefits. Higher wages go back into our local economy, and when your workplace is the public roadway, a safer workplace means a safer city.

This issue has the support of hundreds of Seattle drivers and passengers, including 15 city council candidates. But this committee needs to actually vote for this legislation to get anywhere. They need to hear your voice: