Because presenting signatures on Twitter is more innovative than multi-billion-dollar corporate loopholes

Hundreds of signatures from passengers & drivers to flood Twitter in advance of possible committee vote on rights of Uber & Lyft drivers

A Seattle City Council committee may vote tomorrow (September 23rd) on an innovative proposal from Councilmember Mike O’Brien that would ensure the people who drive for companies like Uber & Lyft have the right to organize, just like other workers do.

So for the next 24 hours ahead of the vote, we’ll be using our Twitter account to present hundreds of signatures on our Bill of Rights for the Uber economy. Because what better way to show the breadth of passengers and drivers support then to sent the signatures into twitter feeds on smartphones across the city for an entire day?

(Don’t worry, our twitter account will be back to normal after that.)

Ensuring drivers (and passengers) have a voice in the rules is just one item in our Uber economy Bill of Rights, which has already been signed by hundreds of people, including thirteen of eighteen candidates for Seattle City Council

Uber & Lyft offer a valuable service and provide extraordinary convenience. But presenting petition signatures on Twitter is more innovative than multi-billion-dollar companies carving out giant corporate loopholes for themselves.