“They have absolute control.”

Having a rating hanging over your head is like driving handcuffed. Us drivers, if we fall below a 4.6 rating we can be deactivated and removed from the system. So basically you lose your job, and you can't drive anymore. Some of these guys through Uber have purchased their own vehicles through special financing. Now, if they purchased a vehicle and they've driven for 2 years, and that vehicle starts to get some mileage on it and it's depreciating, who's to say Uber won't be able to remove their ability to have more customers?

The way [these companies] link you with passengers, you’re completely at the mercy of them. They have absolute control—absolute control.

You can be out on the street in an instant. On a moment's notice. Not to mention their auto lenders, they've been investigated by Congress for subprime loans—it's ridiculous, the interest rates. They offer people an opportunity, and then they just cut the rates in that city. They're starving people out.

—Cris, Seattle Lyft driver