What does $1.2 million buy?

Election day is 3 weeks and 1 day away. And we’ve gotten word that your ballot (in the mail this week!) will actually have more on it than just I-1433 and the presidential election!

Here’s the latest:

Three things to know this week:

🤑  $1,293,329. That’s how much money has been invested in key legislative races by opponents of Initiative 1433 to raise the minimum wage and the political funds they back — so far. Find out where that money is going at runforthemoney.org

💸  Out of control: Zillow reports that rent is expected to rise even further out of control in the Puget Sound area, with likely increases of 18.4% in Shoreline, 13.5% in Burien, and 11.7% in Renton. Medina could see 13.6% increase, but it’s the home of Bill Gates and the median rent there is already $8,498/month so uh yeah. 

🏋  Sure, raise up Idaho too. Some Idaho business owners recently told the Spokesman-Review that they're worried about Initiative 1433: they’re worried that if Washington businesses pay higher wages, then they’re going to have raise wages in Idaho too. If this is the worst-case scenario… 

Two things to look out for:

🌹 Name game: The anti-minimum wage Washington Restaurant Association has now officially merged with the anti-minimum wage Washington Lodging Association to form the anti-minimum wage Washington Hospitality Association. Turns out that oppose by any other name smells equally unsweet. #rimshot

👀  Interesting strategy: Why would Janice Huxford be running for State Legislature in Snohomish County on an anti-minimum wage platform? One guess… 

And one thing that’s worth a closer look:

 👊 A thousand times Yes: Check out Yes Magazine for an excellent overview of how workers won secure scheduling, what it means, and what’s next — featuring Working Washington leader Crystal Thompson and Executive Director Sejal Parikh!

Read this far?

 🎩 Consider yourself briefed, boss.