"don't be too hard on Amazon"

Amazon's newest cost-cutting measure seems to be replacing PR hacks with a hand-selected crew of warehouse workers who are taking to Twitter to defend their hero, "Mr. Bezos":


If the whole thing seems a little creepy, don't worry — it's all about efficiency. Social media crisis management is the perfect side gig for an Amazon worker: their bosses can make them Tweet from the nearest restroom and/or water bottle without wasting time on a bathroom break! (Just kidding. Probably.)

You might be thinking, hey, at least they're taking in some extra money to supplement the wages they're making at warehouses in places like Kent, WA (where Michelle and Phil work, according to their Twitter bios). Bezos must be shelling out some of the $143 billion he's worth for warehouse workers to spend hours shilling for him on Twitter — right? According to the "ambassadors," the answer is no:


Amazon's PR staff almost certainly gets paid in the six-figure range — so why are they making warehouse workers defend the richest human in the world for free?

Click here to Tweet at Bezos & his ambassa-bots: "Hey @JeffBezos, if you're going to ask your lowest-wage Amazon workers to spend hours defending you on Twitter, the least you could do is pay them for it."

Mr. Bezos probably has a few dollars to spare. He can afford it.