"Is it FOR the head tax, or is it to repeal the head tax?"

Check out this report of some unfortunate signature gathering tactics at the Rainier QFC:

"On my way out of QFC, I walked into an argument between a signature gatherer and a Real Change vendor. The 2 signature gatherers had a table set up on the left side of the exit, and the vendor was on the right. The one signature gatherer - a large white man, probably in his 50's - had moved up into the personal space of the vendor on his side of the door and clearly seemed to by trying to physically intimidate him. This vendor is regularly outside the QFC, a smaller African American man. 

When I arrived, the vendor was in the middle of defending himself to the gatherer, saying "This is my job! I earned this badge - this is my place of work! I have a right to be here." The signature gatherer said unkindly, gesturing to me, "You have a CUSTOMER." Eventually the signature gatherer finally went back to his side of the door.

The vendor told me that the two signature gatherers had been harassing him all day, trying to get him to leave. He said that every time he spoke to a customer, they interrupted, jumping into the interaction so that he couldn't sell any papers. He was very frustrated and upset.

After I bought my paper and said goodbye to the vendor, I asked the gatherers what the petition was for. They said, "It's for the head tax." I said, "Is it FOR the head tax, or is it to repeal the head tax?" They finally admitted it was "to put the head tax on the ballot."

— Hayden B.