Washington workers have paid sick days!

Whether it’s a cold, a flu, or something else, lots of people get sick this time of year. You very well might not be feeling so great right now yourself

And that’s true every year. But this year there’s something different. Here’s the thing:

Effective January 1st, 2018, workers in Washington State now get paid sick days.

Click here to find out the six key things every worker should know about our paid sick days law... then answer the question below:

Up until today, there were about 1 million people in Washington State who didn't get a sick day when they were sick. But then we passed Initiative 1433, the same initiative that raised the minimum wage. 

And today we can see our work pay off, because as of today, employees in Washington State now have access to paid sick days. (The minimum wage also rises today to $11.50/hour statewide, with higher rates in Seattle, Tacoma, and SeaTac.)

And that's just the first big win we're planning on bringing home this year...