SeaTac workers win nearly $2 million in backpay!

SeaTac workers helped ignite a national movement back in 2013, when they took $15/hour to the ballot — and won. 

Then came nearly four years of lawsuits and appeals by employers and lobby groups that seemed to be willing to try just about anything to avoid paying workers their $15. 

Today, victory: workers at Hertz and Thrifty Car Rental in SeaTac have won a huge settlement of nearly $2 million in backpay and interest! These workers are finally getting their $15/hour, for all the time the employers tied up the law in court instead of paying a living wage. Some workers could see as much as $30,000. 


Winning $15 on Election Day is huge. Defending $15 in court is critical. But seeing $15 in your paycheck is where it really matters.

So good to see that's finally happening.