Paul Ryan in Everett

Update (10:51am): Good work! we hit the livestream so hard they shut down the chat. Sounds like they just don't want to hear from us... but comments are still up so go to it!

Some highlights...

At 9:00 am, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is going to be in Everett hosting a pre-scripted and pre-screened “town hall” at the Boeing plant there.

He's not doing it because he wants to hear from the people who work for Boeing, of course. (Unless you're making a couple million dollars, he probably doesn’t want to hear from you either.) He just wants to use Boeing workers as a backdrop to sell his latest plan to give billions of dollars of new tax breaks to CEOs & giant corporations. 

Tell the world what you think about Paul Ryan's trickle-down agenda and his trip to Boeing: click here to fill his YouTube livestream page with your unscreened comments, your 👎 😡 🙃 or whatever else you got. (The YouTube stream starts at 9:00 am but the link is already live and will stay up there after the event is done.)

Boeing is a pretty ridiculous place for Ryan to be pushing a plan for corporate tax cuts. The company has benefited from a negative federal income tax rate for most of the past 15 years. They got an $8.7 billion state tax break a few years ago. And then they laid people off anyway.

But reality doesn't matter, because Paul Ryan has a job to do. There are people he needs to represent.

They're probably the same people he spoke to the last time he had a political event in Washington State, when he flew in for a $25,000-a-ticket fundraiser in Medina during his vice presidential campaign back in 2012. Working Washington was there, lining the streets outside the event and making our voices heard

Now five years later, Ryan is here again, pushing the same old trickle-down agenda to try and get a solid return-on-investment for these big-dollar funders. 

It definitely seems like he needs to hear from us again, right?

But we're trying something different this time. We're taking our voices to YouTube, for the whole world to see & join in.

Click here to let him know what you think about his trickle-down agenda and his trip to Everett. 

And then after you let Ryan know what you think, consider really giving him an incentive to stay away for good by making a contribution to Working Washington in his name.

After all, money is definitely a language the man understands.