One Amazon security flaw fixed.

It feels like it’s a little too often lately where we have these posts about how there's bad news and we need to fight back. So it’s especially sweet to write this one.

Security officers at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters have just won a major victory for religious freedom & immigrant rights at work. They now have access to prayer space they can use on their breaks.

Workers have been raising this issue for months — how could it be that there's room on the Amazon campus for a doggie daycare, but not for workers to practice their religion? So you and thousands of others joined in by signing petitions and sending in messages of support. The media took notice. There was even a multi-faith “pray in” on the Amazon campus, and a big rally on May Day.

And now Amazon and their security contractor were moved to deliver on religious freedom and immigrant rights.

That doesn’t solve every issue for security officers at Amazon, of course. And so they continue to organize & call on Amazon to do better.

But it’s progress. It’s a victory.

Help us celebrate & keep up the fight!