Not gonna lie

The State Legislature ended their regular session yesterday, and they didn’t vote on paid family leave.

Not gonna lie: we’re disappointed. You may be disappointed too.

But here’s the good news (sort of): the Legislature hasn’t come to agreement on a budget either… and that means they’re coming back for a special session. The bill to provide paid family leave is still alive and there’s still a chance it could come up for a vote this year.

And here’s the other good news: we’ve taken some big steps forward the past few months. Bills to provide paid family leave were heard in both the Senate and the House. A House bill advanced out of two different committees and almost got pulled for a vote on the floor. That’s quite a bit further than any similar bill has ever gone before.

That’s progress… and it’s also nowhere near enough for the hundreds of thousands of workers in our state who need paid family leave because they don’t have time to care for a new child or an ill family member.

You've helped us make paid family leave a top issue at the State Capitol, at corporate headquarters, and at local city halls.

Now we need a breakthrough.

We need to take this campaign to the next level so we can win paid family leave in our state.

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