A lot can happen in three months.

We're not even 90 days into the new year and barely two months into the Trump Administration...and it's already been a heck of a year in the fight for workers rights. 

Here’s just some of what your support has helped us accomplish in just the first few months of this year:

  • We defended our minimum wage: we killed three bills in the State Senate that would have rolled back the minimum wage for hundreds of thousands of workers across the state. 
  • We helped stop a fast food CEO from becoming Secretary of Labor: anti-minimum wage fast food CEO Andy Puzder was forced to withdraw his nomination under intense pressure over his anti-worker track record.
  • We made paid family leave a top priority from the State Capitol to corporate headquarters and beyond.
  • We rallied outside the office of Congressman Dan Newhouse in Yakima — and made enough noise he even offered a public response on TV the next day.
  • We took action to support Amazon security officers fighting for religious freedom, and we saw a long-awaited change of direction on outsourcing by Alaska Airlines.

Even better: we did all that... and more... in just the first few months of the year.

At this pace, can you imagine what the rest of the year could bring? 

Well don't just imagine it!

Let us know what you want to see, and then help make it happen: contribute today so we have the strength we need to keep on winning for workers in the year ahead.