Alaska changes direction (!)

Wow! In a dramatic reversal, Alaska Airlines announced that they are going to stop contracting out baggage-handling jobs at our airport. Instead, 900 Alaska baggage handlers are now going to become employees of an Alaska subsidiary. And thanks to SeaTac Proposition 1, the workers are going to keep their jobs, and their starting wage will be $15.34/hour.

The news just broke, and the early accounts are heavy on quotes from Alaska Airlines executives. 

But you know what?

We all hear a lot from corporate executives, all the time. We want to hear from you.

So whether you’re an airport worker, a traveler, or a neighbor, let us know what you're thinking:

How do you feel about the news that Alaska is going to stop contracting out baggage handling at our airport?


Emoji isn't good enough. I’ve got something else to say.

Today's news is a dramatic reversal of a business practice that resulted in thousands of poverty-wage jobs at our airport.

It only happened because thousands & thousands of workers & supporters across the country invested their time and money to keep the campaign going. It only happened because our movement changed the conversation about wealth, inequality, and the value of work. It only happened because workers kept on winning at every turn — in the workplace, at the ballot box, in the courts, and in the community.

And it only happened because of the support of thousands of people like you.

Now we need to make sure airport workers continue to have a voice. As Sea-Tac continues to serve record numbers of travelers every year, we need to make sure workers continue to share in that growth, too.

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