Lobby group for Walmart & Target plans to "engage more" in Seattle politics

The Washington Retail Association is the state’s lobby group for big retail chains. Walmart and Target are on their board.

The Retail Association opposed raising the minimum wage. They opposed secure scheduling. They oppose paid family leave.

And they just announced that they're going to try to get a lot more involved in Seattle politics. They're sick and tired of seeing workers keep on winning in the city. As they wrote, "what happens in Seattle often gets considered in nearby cities or larger urban areas of the state."

That's exactly right.

And it’s the perfect reason for you to get more involved in Working Washington and make a contribution today. Together we can beat back the business lobbyists and keep on winning for workers in Seattle and across the state.


Here’s the thing: right now, it’s not a fair fight. 

When you’re the lobby group for the big retail chains, your power comes from the money you raise from the likes of Walmart and Target.

Our power comes from you.

That's why we're winning. But we need to keep it up.

You know we’re doing something right when you get Walmart’s lobbying reps feeling the need to spend money. Because normally, that’s not Walmart's style.