Details on the February 2nd hearing on proposals to roll back the minimum wage

When & Where

State Senate hearing on bills to roll back the minimum wage
Thursday, February 2, 2017
Hearing gets underway at 1:30 pm
John A Cherberg Building, Senate Hearing Room 4
Capitol Campus, Olympia
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(If you're driving, the state's Campus Map includes parking info.)

We will be meeting at 1:00pm at the Sundial behind the Capitol bulding so we can head in together as a show of strength. Look out for someone in a green Working Washington T-shirt holding a green Working Washington sign!

OK, what’s happening

The State Senate committee on Labor, Commerce, and Sports will be hearing three different bills that would undermine our minimum wage law — even though we just voted by almost 60% to raise the wage just a few months ago.

  • SB 5530, which would lower the minimum wage to $9.53/hour in every county but King.
  • SB 5532, which would lower the minimum wage to $9.53/hour if you work for an organization that's classified as a nonprofit (no matter how large).
  • SB 5541, which would create a new sub-minimum wage for younger workers, regardless of their responsibilities.

Do you want to share your story?

Would your paycheck, your family, or your community be affected by these bills because you live outside of King County, work for a nonprofit, or are a younger worker? Then the Legislature needs to hear your voice! (Whether they all want to or not.)

If you are willing to give brief  comment to the Legislature about the importance of these issues, let us know and we’ll make sure you get signed in. Glad to help you practice what you want to say too!

What’s next

We think that if we can fill the room on Thursday, we can send a clear message to the Legislature that they need to take their grubby little hands off our minimum wage law. But that only happens if people show up and make that message clear!

Let's do this!