So whatsup with secure scheduling anyway?

We’re closing in on passing a secure scheduling law that brings flexibility and balance for Seattle workers, and big business lobby groups are desperate to stop the change.  However, Working Washington members and the rest of our coalition have been making sure city council hears the needs of workers, because #OurTimeCounts too!

Members like you have already sent in over 100 messages to the council, who can see we need secure schedules. During yesterday’s city council meeting, even a flawed report still had to acknowledge the obvious: the facts show how common unstable & unpredictable schedules are. Their findings matched what we’re advocating for, including:

Advance notice:

25% of workers and 21% of businesses report schedules go out just 3 days in advance — or less.  We advocate that workers should receive periodic good-faith estimates of their hours, and at least 2 weeks’ notice of their schedules.

Access to Hours:

30% of workers would like to work additional hours, including more than half of African-American workers and 42% of API workers. We advocate that current employees who want to work more hours should have the opportunity to take on newly-posted shifts before additional part-time employees are brought on.

Right to rest:

66% of workers report having worked a clopening, and only 20.6% of clopeners did it voluntarily. We advocate making sure nobody is forced to work back-to-back closing and opening shifts that are less than 10 or 11 hours apart on different days (clopens are still allowed if the worker volunteers).

What else?

We could tell you more—like our members and coalition partners who showed up yesterday to speak to the city council in person did—but instead we’ll just tell you what you can do to help us get across the finish line. (And if you want to know more about the policies we're advocating for, you can check it out online.)


(or you can do both!)