Tell City Council: you can't live your life on a few day's notice

Tell City Council you support secure scheduling policies: advance notice of schedules, right to rest, and access to hours.

A text message at 5:11 am that says you’re now on the schedule at 6:30 am that day. A paycheck that goes from 20 hours one week, to 8 hours the next. A requirement that you offer "open availability"… but only get part-time hours.

It’s appalling, but for more and more people who work in coffee, retail, and fast food, unstable & insecure schedules have become part of the job.

Tell City Council to take action for secure schedules, because our time counts too.

For months, baristas and fast food workers with Working Washington have been speaking out why they need secure schedules. We’ve made news and gotten the attention of the Seattle City Council, and now the city is taking steps to craft a secure scheduling policy that ensures workers get advance notice of their schedules, access to hours, and a right to rest. 

Now — and you probably saw this one coming — some big business groups are launching a misinformation campaign to try and halt our momentum. They’re flying in experts-for-hire to give misleading public testimony. They’re sending lobbyists to City Hall to try and work the issue behind the scenes. Some are even trying to convince their own employees that secure schedules would be bad for them?! (Really!) 

The names and tactics probably sound familiar, because these are the same CEOs and lobbyists and the same approach they took to try and stop the $15 minimum wage. Of course, workers won that fight, and we can win again — with your support.

Whatever your job is and whatever your schedule is like, take a moment and let Council know that our time counts, too! Click here to contact City Council and let them know you support secure schedules. 

Because everyone ought to know when they’re going to work and how many hours they’re going to get.