They spent more than $14,000. We charged $10.

Former top Starbucks exec Howard Behar recently spent more than $14,000 to buy a full-page ad in the Seattle Times, where he made a rambling, incoherent, and perhaps over-caffeinated argument attacking secure scheduling, “permissiveness,” and the future of Seattle.

We don’t have $14,000 to burn. (The opposite.) So a few days after the ad ran, we charged $10 for tickets to a Secure Scheduling Story Slam we hosted with Seattlish, which included games, emoji signs, and people sharing stories about how unstable, unpredictable work schedules affect their lives.

Here’s the thing: we also showed up in the Seattle Times.

So, sure, they have retired corporate executives frothing at the mouth, checkbooks in hand. But we have workers like Holly West speaking out about their jobs, their schedules, and their lives. 

And sure, they can spend $14,000 to show up in the Seattle Times. But we can charge $10. And we can win — with your support.

Unlike Howard Behar, you’re probably not a retired corporate executive, so we don’t expect you to have $14,000 to spare… but will you kick in $10 today to support our campaign to deliver secure schedules for Seattle workers?