Haven’t heard from Target & other big chains on secure scheduling? Well City Council members have.

Big chains like Target are well known for offering some of the most insecure schedules around — short notice of schedules, frequent changes, clopening shifts, unpredictable hours, and more. And yet somehow you never hear them speaking out publicly on the issue. It’s almost like the biggest business with the worst practices don’t want their agenda seen in public.

"I know you've been communicating with our lobbyist..."

That’s why this email from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the city’s big business lobby is so interesting. (We got it from a Public Disclosure Request.) In it, the Chamber is setting up a meeting with a City Councilmember on behalf of “a member”. 

That member? Target Corporation.

And representing Target at the meeting: their Government Affairs Manager from corporate headquarters in Minneapolis.

Target also offered to “maybe” bring along some employees. Presumably on the clock?

Do you work at Target or another big retailer? Answer a few quick questions and let us know what your schedule is *really* like.