Leaked Chamber of Commerce poll shows business owners support secure scheduling by 78%

Wow: the Washington Post got their hands on a national poll conducted for a coalition of state chambers of commerce that finds 78% support for secure scheduling policies… among business owners! Turns out the business lobby doesn’t even have the support of its own members when they oppose secure scheduling. (Or when they oppose minimum wage, which 80% of execs support increasing.)


The poll was apparently part of research on how to get business execs to support the positions of the business lobby on workers rights laws, and was conducted by Frank Luntz, one of the right wing's top pollsters.These were high-ranking execs they talked to:

It’s fascinating to see that even most CEOs don’t support the business lobby groups’ extreme positions in opposition to secure scheduling.

But maybe the best part of the presentation is when they offer strategies on how to re-educate Chamber members to overcome the “empathy” they feel for workers. There’s even a slide in the PowerPoint that mostly just says “Empathy”.

OK, so who else wants to know how Howard Schultz would have answered this question?

More information:

You can find more info on page 11 of the full polling memo, 26:30 of the video presentation, and page 38 of the slide deck.