Workers in Olympia made a giant 15 out of 16,906 pennies in front of Olympia City Hall to represent the number of workers in Olympia who are paid less than $15/hour.

“I’m a low-wage worker and this penny represents me," said Robert.

“I’m putting this penny down because it represents how much I struggle everyday making less than $15,” said Jae.

Check out the video.

Earlier in the day we met with State Representative Chris Reykdal. He represents Olympia in the State Legislature.

“Our meeting with Representative Reykdal went really well,” said Holly West, a leader in the Olympia minimum wage movement. “We asked him how he would support our legislation in Olympia for $15/hour, paid sick days, and predictive scheduling. ‘Would you email, would you call, would you come to a meeting?’ and he said he would do all of those.”