Seattle fast food workers win higher Bellevue

They said that $15 in Seattle would bring fiery rain down on our economy and the mass exodus of businesses to lower wage cities and suburbs. It’s a nice end-of-the-economy-as-we-know-it story, but it just isn’t happening. In fact, a big fast food chain is paying $13/hour to Bellevue, a nearby suburb. It’s the exact opposite of doomsday predictions that businesses would flee Seattle for lower wages.

These aren’t management positions mind you, they’re entry level. The ad even goes on to encourage people with little to no experience to apply.

The sky remains aloft and businesses are not going to flee to the hills or out of state the more wages are raised. When wages go up, everyone benefits. Workers are customers in every other place they go. When they have more money in their pockets, they will spend it.