Friends. Baristas. Advocates. Lend us your cups!

“I'm not going to be apologetic for simply requesting that this [Secure Scheduling] not be rushed. It doesn't seem like it's an emergency situation.”- Bob Donovan, attorney for a big restaurant lobby group, at a city council hearing trying to deny secure scheduling is a problem.

Plain and simple, we beg to differ, and we plan to show how at today’s Starbucks shareholders’ meeting.

What are we up to? Glad you asked.  We will be attending the shareholders’ meeting today and sharing the stories of how Starbucks (among many others) isn’t offering workers the flexibility they need to have a work, life, and family balance...and then we’re going to eat ALL the snacks on the way out.

But more importantly than snacking, today we’re asking everyone who visits Starbucks to grab their favorite mocha frappa-lappa whatever-achiato to use it as an opportunity to show your support for workers by simply taking a photo of your cup and 1) tweeting @Starbucks #OurTimeCounts or 2) sending it to us via e-mail or text at 253-256-5176.

While thousands  will be gathering there to celebrate the company’s financial successes and talk about Starbucks from a fiscal perspective, you and I are going to keep a focus on the people that make that success possible: the thousands of Starbucks workers being burdened with by unpredictable and unstable scheduling practices.

So take the 10 seconds to snap a photo and send it to us or @Starbucks with #OurTimeCounts, and stand with the workers who will be sharing their stories today.