Take our survey: What do you think about a $13.50 statewide minimum wage?

The minimum wage may be coming to your ballot this November: a coalition of labor and community groups called Raise Up Washington has filed an initiative that would raise the statewide minimum wage to $13.50/hour over four years and ensure every worker has the right to paid sick and safe time.

What do you think about this proposal? Do you think a $13.50/hour minimum wage across the state is too high? Too low? Take our quick survey and let us know what you think.

Fast food workers and airport workers with Working Washington sparked the living wage movement, and we continue to win victories across the state. On January 1st, Seattle fast food workers saw their minimum wage rise to $13/hour, on the way to $15. On January 25th, the Spokane City Council voted 6-1 to override a veto by the mayor and pass paid sick days for all Spokane workers. On February 1st, Tacoma workers saw their minimum wage rise to $10.35, and their local paid sick days law took effect that day too. And workers have been pushing for action in Olympia, Yakima, Bellingham, and beyond.

The initiative filed by Raise Up Washington would raise the statewide minimum wage by $4/hour from $9.47 to $13.50 — about $8,000 a year for a full-time minimum wage worker — and it would ensure workers across the state get paid sick days. The initiative also specifies that minimum wage would go up with inflation after it hits $13.50, cities would still have the right to pass higher minimum wages and other workplace standards, and the landmark $15 laws in SeaTac and Seattle would remain in effect.

What do you think about the Raise Up Washington proposal? Take our survey and let us know.