What did the Fox [anchor] say?

UPDATE: Yup, Fox is at it again. It's like they're afraid of workers organizing for a better future. Or something.

When national Fox News goes live from Seattle, you know it's going to be good. Here's how they took on our campaign for secure schedules:

"You're not going to believe this one. Hourly workers up in arms today demanding even *more* benefits from their employers. After winning a $15 minimum wage and mandatory paid sick leave, Seattle workers are now saying they deserve what they're calling a livable work schedule — but what does that even mean?"

Stand with workers, not Fox & Friends: donate $10 to the #ourtimecounts campaign today.

Their story even names Working Washington. And we've been getting some interesting emails coming in because of it. (Apparently the entire state is a "grunge trash snowflake" — who knew?!)

It's not just Fox News. The Washington Restaurant and Lodging Association — which counts McDonald's on its board, sued to block $15 in SeaTac, and has long been a leading opponent of minimum wage laws — is getting worked up about secure scheduling too. They even blogged about it... and the first two words in their article were "Working Washington."

Donate $10 to support Working Washington's campaign for secure schedules.

The big business lobby and the national right wing are scared that workers are going to keep on winning — they're scared that Seattle is going to pass secure scheduling, and then, just like the minimum wage, that it's going to spread across the state and across the country.

And they're scared of Working Washington because they're scared of you — they understand the power that workers have when we organize together for change.

Let's prove their fears right: contribute to Working Washington today.

If you *really* want to see that Fox News story, it's online here.