A barista, a billionaire, and three City Councilmembers

Seattle coffee & fast food workers are leading the campaign for secure schedules — and we're building up some incredible momentum.

Last Friday, three city councilmembers wrote in the Puget Sound Business Journal about how "unpredictable work schedules impact the income potential and lives of thousands of hourly, low-wage workers throughout Seattle," and expressed strong support for action on the issue.

The day before, billionaire venture capitalist Nick Hanauer argued in the Seattle Times that business owners ought to "Schedule others as you would have them schedule you." And he explained why it's good for workers, good for business, and good for communities.

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It all came the week after we hosted an online town hall for coffee and fast food workers about secure scheduling — and just a few months after Working Washington member Darrion Sjoquist helped kick it all off with his article in Medium.com: "I’m a Second-Generation Starbucks Barista. And I Want a Fair Workweek."

We have the momentum, but leaders of the big business lobby are surely planning meetings with elected officials right now, concocting tales about how the sky will come crashing down if we do something about unstable & unpredictable schedules. These same groups were were wrong about the 1988 minimum wage increase, the 1998 minimum wage increase, paid sick days, the $15 minimum wage, and all kinds of stuff in between — but that won't stop them from trying to spin the same old scare stories.

Whether you're a billionaire, a barista, or you have a different job, now is the time to add your voice. And we made it easy. Just fill out our quick survey, and we'll compile the information to make sure people know just how big an issue scheduling is — and how it affects our lives.