A $200,000 reason to try and buy an election: the only candidate who's out against $15 is in big for colonizing Mars

Browse through the King County Primary Voter’s Guide, and you can read about 47 candidates for 9 different Seattle City Council seats, and 12 candidates for 2 different Port of Seattle positions. 

Some of these candidates take credit for their active support of raising wages. Some boast of endorsements from prominent living wage backers. Some don’t speak to the issue at all. But almost none say they oppose a $15 wage or argue for repealing it.

In fact, out of these 59 different candidates with 59 different priorities and agendas, only one writes in opposition to higher wages. It’s Goodspaceguy, a perennial candidate who renamed himself after his other key platform plank: space colonization.

That’s how strong the consensus is around the $15 minimum wage in Seattle. The big business lobby, the hotel & restaurant lobby, and other groups who  oppose higher wages are literally as far outside the mainstream as Mars colonization. And that’s why it’s important for voters to know about how these big business groups are putting record amounts of money into this year's City Council races

The pro-poverty wage lobby has lost the debate. Is that why they’re trying to purchase a victory? Check out RunForTheMoney.org and learn more.