"You wouldn't have to worry about paying your bills and ONLY paying your bills."

Ali Page, Tacoma McDonald's worker.

"I’ve worked for McDonald’s for 10 months. I’ve been fast food since I was about 20. $9.47 right now, the minimum wage — I don’t think it’s enough. Especially how it’s about $1000 you make for basically full-time work. And rent’s about $800 for just a 1-bedroom in most places. 

There definitely should be a raise in the minimum wage to $15. Because there’d be a lot more money made, and you wouldn’t have to worry about paying your bills and then only paying your bills. You can instead of just living to work, work to live. 

It’s pretty hard just to find even a room to rent. It’s $625 just for 1 room, not even a full apartment. So personally that’s why I want the minimum wage to be $15 — because it’s really hard just to pay rent. And right now i’ve got other things to worry about besides rent, like tickets I need to pay or health insurance I need to cover. So I really appreciate the time you guys have given me to speak today and I hope you’ll support us in the $15 minimum wage."