Hundreds gather to support fair wages and a union at Seattle University

Crystal Thompson, a Domino’s worker and a leader with Working Washington, took the microphone and started to address the crowd on the Seattle University campus.

“I am the sole provider for my family,” she said. “I feel trapped in a system where people like me who work hard every day are unable to make ends meet.”

The crowd encouraged her to continue.

“I am very proud to have been a part of passing $15 for Seattle,” she said. “We know what it is to struggle and we are here to stand with you and all workers fighting for better treatment and fair pay at work!”

The crowd of hundreds of Seattle University faculty and students cheered and waved their picket signs.

Hundreds of Seattle University faculty and students walked out in support of quality education, fair compensation, and the right of the faculty to unionize. However, Seattle University has been delaying the union process through litigation.

Louisa Edgerly, an adjunct faculty member at Seattle University, spoke to the crowd after the long picket line that snaked around two corners of Sullivan Hall gathered into a rally.

“I’m out here because I love my job,” she said. “I love my students. We formed our union and we have remained strong. Now the university needs to count the votes!”