Hey, turns out Uber is great!

The latest news in Uber’s full-court PR operation is that they paid someone to survey some drivers and their survey says… drivers love them. But somehow they didn’t choose to share any data on how much drivers are making after expenses, how long they stay with the company, or how many fear arbitrary deactivations.

Furthermore, Uber tried to pull a little statistical trick by presenting data based on numbers of drivers, without accounting for how many hours those drivers work, or for how long. So by their figuring, 5 people who drive a few hours a week are given 5 times the survey weight that a long-term, full-time driver gets — even though that one driver likely serves more passengers over more hours than the part-timers do.

Basically, concluding Uber is terrific based on this survey makes about as much sense as concluding your own workplace is a great place to be based on the number of “World’s Greatest Boss” coffee cups which appear on managers’ desks.