If you had 1 minute to tell a politician in Washington State why we need higher wages...

What would you say?

Tell us in a one-minute video:

The movement is growing

It's time for big corporations, the business lobby, and politicians to recognize: The fight for a $15 minimum wage and workers’ rights is spreading across Washington State.

This year, we saw workers in Seattle get their first raises on the way to $15, workers in cities from Olympia to Yakima built movements that are demanding action, and new groups of people have joined the fight for higher wages and better working conditions—Starbucks baristas, Uber drivers, college students and professors, restaurant servers, workers at dollar stores, gas stations, and more.

Let's make our voices heard!

As Election Day comes & goes, we need to make all the politicians in our state understand that workers should be at the top of their agenda in the year ahead.


Take one minute right now to add your voice to the fight, and let politicians hear us. Most politicians don't know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, or the kinds of things we do to make ends meet. They don't have to go to work when they're sick or stay by the phone to be ready for an on-call shift. Their schedules don't change at a moment's notice or at their bosses' whim.

If you had one minute to tell a politician in Washington State why we need higher wages, what would you say?