Is there something wrong with you just because your job doesn’t pay very much?

Former Starbucks President Howard Behar seems to think so. At least that’s what he said at a forum on the $15 minimum wage today.

So is there something wrong with people because they have jobs that don’t put them in the top 1%?

Lots of people enjoy providing customer service and working for a living. And there is nothing wrong with you for taking pride in your work. But there is something wrong with employers that pay poverty wages.

The funny thing is that Behar said in his own book about leadership that “if you regard employees and customers as human beings, everything else will take care of itself.”

When he’s not selling a book he says something else.

So is there something wrong with people who have jobs? Or is there something wrong with wealthy one percenters bashing the workers & customers who made them rich in the first place?