Everyone loves raising - the minimum wage

63% of Americans support a $15 minimum wage according to a new national poll. SIXTY-THREE PERCENT. That’s huge.

The poll, run by Hart Research, found that support for raising the minimum wage had jumped up across the political spectrum, ethnic groups, and regions of the nation.

The majority of registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all supported raising the minimum wage.

People from the major ethnic groups in the USA all supported raising the wage by more than a majority. People of color supported it in even larger numbers. African Americans hit a mark of 94% support.

There is literally support across the country for raising the minimum wage. The Northeast, the South,  the Midwest and the West all supported raising the minimum wage by at least a 70% approval rating. Even states that Republican Governor Mitt Romney won in 2012 supported raising the minimum wage by a majority.

Here in Washington state workers have been out on the streets and in the halls of power fighting for a better minimum wage. Because workers have risen up we’ve won $15 in SeaTac and Seattle.

And things are going gangbusters.

Seattle and the northwest region is slated to grow faster than other regions across the county.

Business leaders have said that they are more optimistic now than they have been in nearly 10 years.

Workers have been making $15 and companies in places like SeaTac are not only surviving, but thriving.

Raising wages is good for the community. Raising wages is popular. And raising wages is the right thing to do.