We Are Rising

Seattle won $15 but the movement to strike poverty isn’t over yet. The International Franchise Association is suing to overturn our minimum wage law because they think it’s not fair to McDonald’s, and Tim Eyman wants more than $1 million to try and take away the power cities have to raise wages.

The fast food workers who led the way to $15 aren’t stopping either. We are rising, and there’s no turning back.

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On Wednesday, September 10th, local fast food workers have committed to do whatever it takes to defend our victory in Seattle and expand the fight to the hundreds of thousands of others in our state and across the country who can’t support themselves on poverty wages.

Inspired by the example of other struggles for justice, many are willing to risk arrest in peaceful civil disobedience.

We can’t tell you all the details yet, but stay tuned. We will be live-tweeting and posting photos to Instagram on Wednesday, September 10th. If you don’t follow us on Twitter orInstagram, now is your chance.