Withdraw your signature from the referendum to repeal the minimum wage, online!


Good news: you have one last chance to withdraw your signature if you signed the referendum to repeal the minimum wage. The City Clerk is willing to accept withdrawn signatures by email — and we created a form to make it easy.

All you have to do is fill it out and we’ll make sure the City Clerk receives your signature withdrawal on time — but you have to complete the form by8:30 am FRIDAY so it gets to them before they start counting. The count could be close so every signature matters!

1) Go to this link to see our form: https://rightsignature.com/forms/Withdraw-my-signa-3fdfea/token/53805e0cc05

2) Type your name at top.

3) Fill out the form with your name, address, city, county (King), and today’s date. (Yes, you have to type your name twice — sorry!)

4) Important: use the signature box below the form to sign your name on screen. You have to sign it so elections officials can compare your signature with your voter registration records.

5) Last step: click “Submit Signature” when you’re done and we’ll make sure your form gets to the City Clerk on time. Your screen will change and it will say “Complete” at the top right. That means you’re done and your signature withdrawal has been submitted!

Thank you!