Fifteen Stories

Seattle workers made history when we passed the nation's first citywide $15 minimum wage. 

Now we made a book too. 

It's fifteen stories from fifteen workers about their jobs, their lives, their struggles, and the movement they sparked. 

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"I don't know how to explain it in words. It's just like getting $15 would mean actually having a life, being able to do regular things like drive myself to work or pay for my daughter to be in daycare." –Julia

You've seen the news reports about Seattle's $15 minimum wage. You've heard the experts and politicians talk about what it all means. And now you can read the stories of the workers who made it happen – in their own words.

"I had this lady come in here and she's like you ain't s-h-i-t, you ain't s-h-i-t, but you know she didn't know anything about me. She saw that I made minimum wage and she thought she could judge me because of that." –Malcolm

Seattle's $15 minimum wage law will boost the pay of more than 100,000 workers by $3 billion over the next decade – one of the largest economic victories for low-wage workers in decades. 

These are their stories.