We did it! Seattle workers win $15!

At 3:39PM on June 2nd, fast food workers made history when the Seattle City Council passed a $15 minimum wage by a unanimous 9-0 vote. It was only a year ago that fast food workers sparked this movement in Seattle with their first citywide strike. It was only six months ago that SeaTac voted to pass a $15 minimum wage for workers in and around the airport. And today, Seattle becomes the first big city in the US to pass a $15 minimum wage, putting the central demand of the fast food movement into law.

Fast food workers in Seattle brought this victory home by repeatedly taking bold action to support the principle that everyone should be able to support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy.

And now it's happening. Seattle's $15 minimum will raise wages for 100,000 workers, providing a $3 billion economic boost for our communities.

Spread the word and show the world what workers can accomplish.