"$15 for Seattle" supporters to surround City Hall on Wednesday

Supporters of $15 for Seattle to rally at City Hall Wednesday, then surround the entire block with chain of multicolored signs

As Mayor Murray's Income Inequality Advisory Committee nears its deadline, supporters of a $15 minimum wage for Seattle will rally at City Hall, thensurround the entire block from 4th to 5th and James to Cherry with a chain of multicolored signs that show why we need a $15 minimum wage — and how broad the benefits will be to our city and our economy.

Who: Workers, women, youth, people of color, immigrants, customers, renters, neighbors, and leaders who support $15 for Seattle so everyone can afford to survive, pay the bills, live on our own, and support our families.

What/visuals: After a brief program, we will form a human "15", then disperse to surround the entire block of City Hall with a chain of multicolored signs that show who we are and why we need $15 for Seattle.

WhenWednesday, April 23, 2014. We will begin gathering at 4:00 pm. Brief program scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm before we form a human 15 at approximately 5:00 pm, and then surround the entire block of City Hall from 4th Ave to 5th Ave and James St to Cherry St.

Where: Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave. We will gather in the plaza on the 4th Ave side.

15 for Seattle ###

Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington, sage@workingwa.org