Join us and ask Jermaine Kearse, number 15, to stand with the 15th man!

Sample Tweets to send to Seahawks' receiver Jermaine Kearse, number 15, AKA @chopchop_15.

1. Seahawks #15 scored for Seattle and helped win the game. Think he’ll support $15 for Seattle too? @chopchop_15 #15forSeattle

2. Congrats on the well deserved victory @chopchop_15, want to help us score $15? #15forSeattle!

3. Seahawks win the Superbowl! Now let’s get @chopchop15 to help us win #15forSeattle

4. Well done @chopchop_15. How about supporting the 12th Man win $15? #15forSeattle

5. Join us and ask Jermaine Kearse, @chopchop_15, to stand with the 15th Man! #15forSeattle

6. Let’s ask number 15, Jermaine Kearse, AKA @chopchop_15 to help us win $15 for Seattle. #15forSeattle

7. Jermaine Kearse, @chopchop_15 , evaded opponents and scored for Seattle. Think he’ll support scoring $15 for Seattle too? #15forSeattle

8. Hey @chopchop_15 , what do you think about making sure the 12th man gets $15/hour? #15forSeattle

9. It’s simple numerology: Seahawks #15 Jermaine Kearse - @chopchop_15 - should support bringing a $15 wage to all Seattle? #15forSeattle

10. When #15 Jermaine Kearse scored a touchdown, Seattle cheered. Now we’re asking #15 to help us all score $15! @chopchop_15 #15forSeattle