They blamed it on a cookie?

Subway fired Carlos Hernandez after he helped lead a citywide fast food strike. Then they tried to blame it on a 66 cent cookie. Retaliation is wrong and we’re not going to let them get away with it: if Subway won’t give Carlos his job back, they won’t get our business. nosandwich

Send an email directly to the Subway franchise owner who fired Carlos, and tell him you will boycott Subway until he stops retaliating and gives Carlos his job back.

Carlos and his coworkers know he wasn’t fired over a cookie. Just days before he was fired, a manager told him to stop “rabble rousing.” Other workers were told they shouldn’t talk to Carlos anymore. It’s pretty obvious that this was retaliation, and the 66 cent cookie was just a convenient excuse.

Click here to send an email to the Subway franchise owner who fired Carlos — and to Subway Corporate. Tell them you are going to boycott Subway until Carlos gets his job back.

Subway is already feeling the pressure.

We’ve picketed outside of numerous Subway locations owned by the same major franchise owner who retaliated against Carlos, essentially shutting down the lunch rush. We filed federal charges against both the franchise owner and Subway Corporate. We even took our pickets to the pages of Yelp.

And now we are calling for a boycott of Subway until Carlos gets his job back.

Click here to join the boycott — and tell Subway why.