Raise. The. Wage.

Corporate profits are booming —so why are so many jobs paying poverty wages? And get this, some politicians have actually proposed to CUT minimum wage. Seriously. Sign here to tell politicians we need to raise the wage. Jobs should create opportunity, not poverty.

handmoneyangled1When our jobs don’t pay enough to support basic spending levels, it stalls our economy, causing others to lose hours, wages and shifts. When workers are struggling just to make ends meet, it hurts our families, and our communities suffer. We need to raise the wage to boost the economy — study after study proves just that.

The Economic Policy Institute, an economic think tank, has just released a new report which found that when you raise the minimum wage it immediately gives an economic jump-start to the folks who need it most. When all of us are paid decent wages we can make a better go at it. We can put food on the table, pay bills, shop for new toys, go out to eat — putting money right back into our community.

It’s a virtuous cycle. All of us need a boost. It’s time to tell the politicians that corporations need to pay living wage.