Talk about brewing up trouble

By Nathan Jackson Community members were leafleting in downtown Seattle talking to tourists and Seattleites alike about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s latest recipe--straight from the 1% cookbook.starbucks_jan30_final final-page-001

Schultz had his workers in DC write a slogan for his own political ideals on their customers’ cups. His "Come Together" slogan may sound reasonable, but what it stands for is really about *CEOs* joining forces to push Congress to “fix the debt” by lowering tax rates on the rich and slashing budgets for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

On second thought, that’s not reasonable at all.

We have our own message for Schultz and his other 1% CEO buddies--pay your fair share and stop trying to slash budgets for vital services we need.

Hundreds of you have already responded with your own messages for Schultz and his other 1% CEO buddies online (if you haven’t had a chance yet you can still add your own message) and now we are going to take it to the streets this January 30th.

Now we are going to send a message by gathering at the Starbucks Global Headquarters on January 30th.

Join us as we tell the coffee brewer to stick to grinding coffee and leave the politics to We-The-People.

It’ll be a grande old time.